Gum Wrappers - 1000Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Gum Wrappers - 1000Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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When was the last time you got a pack of gum for a penny? Nostalgia fans and collectors will be delighted with the Gum Wrappers Jigsaw Puzzle; a fun and colorful collage including authentic gum wrapper designs from currents brands and some from long ago. Bring home the fantastic Gum Wrappers Jigsaw Puzzle; 1,000 pieces of fun and entertainment everyone will enjoy! This wonderful piece is the work of artist Charlie Girard. With his seemingly endless supply of ideas and creativity, Charlie Girard has become one of White Mountain Puzzles’ most popular puzzle designers and the creator of fantastic and unique collage puzzles. Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful works of art firsthand. The White Mountain Puzzles – Gum Wrappers includes 1000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper.

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