Kamala Harris Action Figure

Kamala Harris Action Figure


Today, to celebrate Kamala Harris being chosen as the Vice Presidential pick, it's a 2020. YAY!  She's done so many good things for the people.  For the People, I like that.  Kamala is amazing! Yep, you gotta to admit it. She's a super hero! She's what we need at this time. Truth, Justice & the American Way! Someone who can take on the big issues and someone who will be able to wear spandex with class. Someone who is intelligent! And someone who is Quick witted! Someone who is not affraid to ask the hard questions and has even made some of the boys cry during her tought examinations. Kamala fits that bill as well. She is the VP that we all need? We sure think so. And that's why we've turned her into an Action Figure. Kamala Harris, action Hero!!!

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