Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce

Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce


Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce is a sassy sauce with a sense of humor! It sure gets a lot of laughs at the Peppers of Key West tasting bar, but our customers agree that this is a seriously tasty sauce.

Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce is a delicious blend of red habanero peppers and a cornucopia of fruits. Mangoes, oranges, pineapples, and raisins deliver a wild and tropical flavor to your favorite foods. And who doesn’t need that from time to time? While Sauce Bitch is a medium level heat sauce, it still delivers a powerful kick, depending on your tolerance for pain.

Like the diva on the label, this sauce is begging for a good time. Try Sauce Bitch on ham steaks, shrimp, pork, and more. Because of the sweetness of the tropical fruits and raisins, this is a good sauce to pair with Chinese takeout, including rice, noodles, ribs, dumplings, and soups.

This sauce does come with a warning on the label about asking anyone without a sense of humor to “Pass the Sauce Bitch!” But Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce is a conversation piece and a collector’s item to boot. Trust me, we don’t have many sauces at Peppers that feature scantily clad chicks in heels, so you may want to get one to eat and one to keep!

Sauce Bitch Original Hot Sauce is a sweet and savory hot sauce that brings some fun to your table and some swagger to your food. You’re not going to be crying from the heat, but it’s hot enough to get your attention. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with this bitch!

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